AHL Insider:

Michael Achenbaum

Founder of The Curtain

  • What do you do and how did you get here?

    I am a hotelier who both handles the development/design process and the managerial roles.

  • How did The Curtain come about? What was your inspiration for the project?

    The Curtain came to fruition because for years we were searching for a London location to develop a hotel. The Gansevoort hotels that we developed have a large following from the United Kingdom. The inspiration was to bring a little bit of New York flavor and service while tailoring the experience and design to a British clientele.

  • If you could invite anyone to stay at The Curtain who would it be?

    If I could have anyone as a guest it would be Daniel Day-Lewis. He is such an iconic and talented figure and I think he would be an incredibly interesting person to join for a drink. To me he represents making intelligent and socially conscious career choices.

  • What’s your favourite hotel, anywhere in the world, and why?

    The Four Seasons Hualalai. I stayed there just prior to my opening my first hotel. The service and attention to detail continues to be something I strive to match and exceed. Amazing property!

  • Where do you go on a night off in Shoreditch?

    We generally go looking for little dive bars or grab a quick meal at Box Park. Just fun to experience the neighborhood offerings.

  • Where will you be on your next day off?

    I will be flying to Ibiza and meeting friends from NYC, London and Monaco. Hopefully we will make it to Formentera.

  • Anyone else in the hotel industry you are really admiring at the moment?

    I always have to show respect to Ian Schrager. I have been lucky enough to spend some time with him. Truly the genius who started my subset of the hospitality industry.

  • How did Red Rooster at The Curtain come about?

    Marcus and I have been friends for 15 years. When looking for a partner for The Curtain hotel and members club. I couldn't imagine a more talented and kind person. We jointly felt that a southern soul food restaurant with hints of Northern European and African spices would be unique to the market and be an incredible success.

  • The best meal you’ve had in the world and why?

    I am a person of simple tastes. I like a hearty bowl of pasta or a great steak if given my choice. So I would say a bowl of fresh pasta at Scalinatella in NYC fits the bill.. old school Italian waiters serving fresh pasta is hard to pass on.

  • Favourite place at The Curtain and why?

    The back corner of Billy's Bar in the members club. There is a perfect blue banquette and not only is the space named after my father, but right overhead is an oil painting of my mom. I get to have my family right there to see what we have created.