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HERVISIONS & Studio As We Are Bring a Femme-Driven Virtual Exhibit to Your Home

Digital art IRL

As a response to COVID many artists, galleries, and fairs have had to shift their output online, figuring out how to connect with an audience in an entirely different way of consumption. For CADAF (Contemporary and Digital Art Fair) that transition may have been easier to process with many digital-native artists on the roster. However, exhibitors and London-based curatorial agency HERVISIONS collaborated with Studio As We Are (a new-media concept studio that has caught our attention before) to produce something that retained it’s tangibility, recreating the personal experience of viewing art. The ‘femme-focused’ collective teamed up with Infinite Objects to create video prints—physical frames displaying the artwork on a loop. Each of the 13 works from artists including Sam Cannon, Clara Bacou, and Ines Alpha range from serene to cheeky, and are available to purchase online, and additionally proceeds from Nicole Ruggiero’s piece are going to the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts collective. If there’s been a theme over the last few weeks it’s the call to embrace a new way forward, willing to see things in new ways and allowing new voices to take center stage. In the arts community women’s voices are gaining more prominence, and it’s exciting to see them used in unique ways that are emblematic of the times we live in. Not to mention the fact that these pieces will perk up your living space, and serve as an immediate conversation starter. That’s the kind of art we’re all about.

View the exhibit at CADAF’s online art fair through June 28th, or purchase the digital prints directly through Infinite Objects

Artifact from an Alternate Dimension, Shayma Golden

Two Bodies in Orbit, Sam Cannon

#NewProfilePic, Molly Soda

The Future Is Now, Tomorrow Is Now, Tomorrow Is Here, Nicole Ruggiero

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