Get Lost and Find Yourself With Habitas

  • Imagine a journey to a distant land; an oasis filled with the comforts home. A place lush with elements waiting to be explored – water, earth, trees, and most important, the moon and the sun. Imagine that these elements are as important to the experience as music, comfort, safety and fellow villagers. Imagine a place where every last detail has been cared for and you will only need to pack your best intention and trust. A place where community is of the utmost importance and egos or lack of consciousness are forbidden. Picture a land built from trust, respect, love and lust for life. Imagine a place where leaving inspired is its inhabitants mantra and ultimate goal.

     This very special place where beautiful dreams and memories are made is called HABITAS.

  • HABITAS takes place several times throughout the year, including an upcoming fall retreat, on partner properties located in Southern California and throughout the world.

  • HABITAS events are limited to 100-200 attendants whose very presence is essential to the event’s programing. In essence, each person’s participation and commitment is just as important as any other element. Attendees are hand selected based on submission of a letter of intention, highlighting each individual’s personality, gifts, and passions. To learn more about Habitas, head here.