A Hotel Life is an award-winning travel platform that celebrates the world’s most creative hotels. Founded by Ben Pundole in 2013, AHL offers unique, diverse hotel reviews and cultural storytelling from contributors around the world. With a focus on ‘Future Travel’, AHL aims to support responsible, thought-provoking hotels and the inspiring industry notables who are leading the way.


Ben Pundole

Ben Pundole

Founder / Editor in Chief

With twenty years in the Lifestyle Hotel business, and a focus on events, bars, nightlife, promotions and marketing, Ben, whose true passion is travel and hotels (and food), decided it was time to make good use of his experience, exploit his resources and lure his contacts into creating AHotelLife.com; an editorial site with a focus on hotel reviews and insider scoop. Educated at London's infamous Groucho club, Ben graduated to the Met bar before an eleven year stint with Ian Schrager and Morgans Hotel Group as VP of Entertainment. He opened Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk in 2010 and currently holds the position of VP Brand Experience with Ian Schrager/Marriott's EDITION hotels.

My Travel Mantra:

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these account" - Mark Twain

Trip Wishlist:

The Galapagos, Puglia, Tanzania

  • Molly McCorkle

    Molly McCorkle

    Partner / Senior Editor

    Molly McCorkle realized at a young age an undeniable affinity for hotels…perhaps it was engrained in her growing up as her father dragged her in and out of every hotel lobbies in the cities they visited, "oohing" and "aahing". So it seemed only natural that she pursue a career in hotels…first attending Parsons New School for Design in pursuit of a design degree. After survivng The New School, working in-house with a hotel firm in New York, she now runs her own creative consultancy focussing on the hospitality & arts world working with hotels, restaurants, musicians and artists around the world.

    My Travel Mantra:

    Vini. Vidi. Vici.

    Trip Wishlist:

    Mendoza, Galapagos Islands, Namibia,

  • Amy Risley

    Amy Risley

    Co-Founder / West Coast Editor

    After ten years traveling the globe producing shoots for some of the world’s most famous fashion photographers, Amy hit pause and took a path-changing three month trip to Indonesia to study yoga and meditation...learning along the way that the experience of a few nights in a bare bones family homestay in Ubud can be just as rewarding as room service at the Paris Ritz. Shifting focus to art & design upon returning to the States, she now splits her time between New York and Los Angeles creating websites and identities for a number of high-profile clients.

    My Travel Mantra:

    "The best thing about getting lost is what you find along the way" …It's actually a line of copy I wrote ages ago for a commercial but I believe it suits me well. Itineraries give me hives. I'd much rather wander about and see where the roads take me.

    Trip Wishlist:

    Tokyo, Maui, Big Sur, India

  • Gautam Balasundar

    Gautam Balasundar

    Having worked across several industries, Gautam was only able to indulge his interest in boutique hospitality while working as a culture writer in New York. With a passion for the arts and a penchant for meeting characters late night at the lobby bar, he has a knack for discovering fascinating stories. Serving as a writer and editor for brands, blogs, and bi-annuals alike, he joins the A Hotel Life team with the goal of adding new perspectives across all forms of culture.

    My Travel Mantra:

    There's no wrong way to travel, and no bad time to go.

    Trip Wishlist:

    Budapest, Seoul, Valparaiso, Tangier

  • Gemma Bell

    Gemma Bell

    Editor - UK

    Having worked in restaurants to pay the rent while at music college, Gemma fell in love with the hospitality industry. The highs and lows became addictive and before long she was working full time for London’s latest and most exciting hotels and restaurants. Now, after setting up her own company, Bell runs one of London’s leading restaurant PR agencies, working with top chefs and restaurateurs across the city and around the world.

    My Travel Mantra:

    A country or city’s food tells a story of its culture and history. For me, it is essential to research into the best places to eat whether they are Michelin-starred restaurants or road-side caffs…it's all about the ultimate dining experience.

    Trip Wishlist:

    New Orleans, San Sebastian, Tokyo, Seychelles

  • Yasha Wallin

    Yasha Wallin

    Editor - Europe

    Yasha Wallin’s career began in the art world, running galleries and prominent artists’ studios in Chelsea for nearly a decade. Simultaneously, Yasha nurtured her other passion for publishing, writing for art magazines and creating her own DIY publications. An editorial position at the satirical magazine Heeb allowed her the opportunity to go full time into publishing and editing. It was there that a love for the collaborative process of creating content was born. Yasha has since gone on to write about art, sustainability, travel and culture for Art in America, Interview, Guardian UK, Ahotellife.com, Style.com, Paper Magazine, and more. Most recently she was GOOD Magazine’s creativity curator.

    My Travel Mantra:

    Just do it

    Trip Wishlist:

    Georgia (the country), Cape Town, Macedonia, Moscow, Iran, Beirut

  • Tansy Kaschak

    Tansy Kaschak

    Sustainability Editor & Latin America Editor

    Tansy Kaschak always had a substantial list of aspirations, so early on she thought that by becoming an artist and a polyglot journalist she’d have the chance to do it all. From a long lineage of international nomads, Tansy spent her childhood visiting friends and family in a different town almost every weekend, and the last decade working on projects around the world and writing travel books. As her art is based on how interpersonal relations, sensorial experiences and the environment affect our emotional memory, her role as travel journalist is also a precious opportunity to closely observe people and places. "It allows me to see the world through the lens of humans being hospitable to other humans. And I love how hospitality is as much a refined craft to be mastered as it is elemental to all of us.”

    My Travel Mantra:

    Never forget to pack your telescope.

    Trip Wishlist:

    Santa Fé, The Galapagos, Iceland, Jordan, the Moon.

  • Caroline Clements

    Caroline Clements

    Editor - Australia

    Caroline Clements is a digital publications editor from Australia with expertise in content curation and production, brand publishing, sponsored content and project management. She currently lives in Melbourne and works as the Publications Director at Australian digital publication Broadsheet, where she gets to eat and travel regularly working on projects like cookbooks and pop up restaurants.

    My Travel Mantra:

    Travel often, even if it’s just for the weekend – changing your environment will keep you refreshed. Always have a trip planned on the horizon. Pack light so you can move efficiently through cities or over roughed terrain. Always travel with something warm, a hat, suncream, swimwear, some good shoes and a something to read. Buy a simcard in a new country, you’ll never regret using maps in to get around a foreign city. Do some research before you travel, make plans but be ready to change them if other things come up. Talk to the people who live in the place you’re visiting, local knowledge is the most valuable. The more you travel, the better you get at it.

    Trip Wishlist:

    Hawaii, Africa, The Middle East, the Caribbean, Greece

  • Carolina Ramirez Herrera

    Carolina Ramirez Herrera

    Editor - Africa

    With a passion for travel, design and all things jet-set, Carolina found her perfect match in the boom of the sharing economy- where homes and hotels and work and play all blurred lines . Today, Carolina specializes in consulting across public relations, marketing and digital media with clients ranging from real estate, hospitality, travel, art, and health + wellness. She is also a freelance writer, often sharing a page from her little black book of personal travels and lifestyle ranging from camping in the Okavango Delta to scuba diving in French Polynesia and enjoying a five star luxury retreat in the Atlas Mountains. Based between Miami and Cape Town but usually on a plane, follow her on @Lacarolinda.

    My Travel Mantra:

    Collect memories not things. Always buy the flight and figure it out later- life is too short for what ifs.

    Trip Wishlist:

    Gorilla trekking in Rwanda, sojourn in India, scuba diving in micronesia , Tokyo and Beirut.

  • Ruby Kean

    Ruby Kean

    Ruby Kean is a New York based artist and Interior Designer from London. Her seven year career in hotel design has informed a style which encompasses colour and texture. She has spent the last 4 years as Head of Design New York at Firmdale Hotels for world renowned hotelier and leading British Interior designer Kit Kemp. With such a powerful mentor, Ruby has honed an understanding of hotel design centered around intrigue, charm and story telling. Ruby’s love for travel and strong sense of style traverses into her art work in both ceramic and bold, textural collages. Her collage work combines a vast array of elements and materials with a strong sense of design. Much like a living space her collages combine thoughtful combinations that show intention and meaning. Often references of her travels are found in her work, from treasures hoarded from a summer vacation or vignettes created from places she has visited.