A Hotel Life Presents: ALARA Hotels

A full-service agency offering thoughtful solutions, support and creativity to Future Forward hotels and travel brands

ALARA Hotel A Hotel Life

At the beginning of 2021, A Hotel Life Founder Ben Pundole joined forces with Michelle Reiss and Shiry Zofnat Yosef to present ALARA Hotels Agency. The venture capitalizes on their extensive experience in the hospitality industry to help create a more thoughtful, adaptable, and inclusive future for travel and hotels. By offering concept and brand development, investment analysis, operational strategy, talent sourcing and training, cultural programming and comprehensive communication plans, ALARA is able to bring new projects to file as well as help existing businesses in need of new direction and perspectives.

Tapping into A Hotel Life’s curated network of hotels and key industry insiders, ALARA champions better business practices with a focus on environmental sensitivity, diverse perspectives, creativity and wellbeing.

You can get in touch with ALARA’s team here.

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