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A Hotel Life insiders review the coolest, future-forward, and sustainable hotels in Mexico, with a keen interest in hotels that champion plastic-free initiatives and zero-waste policies.

San Miguel de AllendeMexico

Our Habitas San Miguel

by Juliette Frey

“Where mindfulness, sensuality, and tranquility intertwine”

Holbox IslandMexico

Nômade Holbox

by Fiona Leahy

“A dreamy treehouse living among the stars”

Mexico CityMexico

Ignacia Guest House

by Igor Ramirez Garcia Peralta

“Mastering the home-away-from-home experience”

Mexico CityMexico

Condesa DF

by Li Saumet

“Trendy but timeless Mexico and exactly where you want to be”

Todos SantosBaja California Sur


by Ben Pundole

“A magical brutalist wonderland in the Baja desert”

Mexico CityMexico

La Valise

by Pandora Graessl

“A room for two but fun for all!”

Mexico CityMexico

Condesa DF

by Sydney Lima

“Design that has not and will not date”

Mexico CityMexico

Circulo Mexicano

by Albie Alexander

“A sophisticated gem occupying a storied 19th century building that magically captures all of that beautiful CDMX light”

Costalegre CoastMexico

Las Alamandas

by Olimpia Emo Capodilista

“Secluded luxury meets full immersion in nature on this lush beachfront property”


Hotel Esencia

by Ruby Kean

“Effortless luxury”

Holbox IslandMexico

Punta Caliza

by Ruby Kean

“Gem of the island”

Todos SantosBaja California Sur

The Hotelito

by Mathia Milani

“An exotic and colorful stay.”

El PescaderoBaja California Sur

El Perdido

by Tansy Kaschak

“Your fancy desert camp between a cactus and a whale”

La PazBaja California Sur

Baja Club

by Tansy Kaschak

“Urban sophistication meets seaside relaxation.”

El PescaderoBaja California Sur

Modern Elder Academy

by Ben Pundole

“The world's first midlife wisdom school.”

Baja CaliforniaMexico

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe

by Jo Savage

“Down a dirt road, nestled between vineyards and mountains.”

San José del CaboMexico

El Ganzo

by Irina Lazar

“Rub shoulders with today's most relevant artists and musicians.”