Leader of the Pack

Jordy Murray

Jordy Murray

Occupation: Model

Preoccupation: The ongoing quest for the perfect avocado.

Favorite Hotel: Gran Hotel Domine. Their sauna overlooks the Guggenheim. Heaven.

Jordy Murray
  • 1. What’s your go-to travel gear?

    I used to carry a leather tote-bag of snacks in addition to checking a larger suitcase. But after suffering a minor (catastrophic) travel mishap in Spain last month I've taken a vow to combine all my shit into a single HARDSHELL CARRY ON. Fun fact: Most airlines refuse to hold their planes at the gate while you leisurely check your luggage. Even if said luggage Is stuffed with local wine. Rude.

  • 2. What’s your go-to travel uniform?

    A more relaxed version of my everyday uniform. LINEN T-SHIRT, NEARLY NONEXISTENT BRA, WHITE SNEAKERS and VINTAGE LEVI'Svintage Levis.

  • 3. Can’t travel without:

    A LINED NOTEBOOK and WELEDA SKIN FOOD. Yes I realize that's two things, but this was the travel essentials equivalent of Sophie's choice. I get minor anxiety being so unconnected during long flights (shoutout to my fellow Gen Ys!) so having a notebook to scribble thoughts and to do lists is slightly soothing. And at risk of sounding like an infomercial, Skin food really is the Swiss Army knife of moisturizers.

  • 4. Oddest thing I’ve ever packed:

    A 3lb bag of Heinz spicy ketchup. Nuff said.

  • 5. Favorite thing to nick from the hotel:

    The room service flatware They're almost always simply shaped & deliciously oversized.


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