Leader of the Pack

Mia Moretti

Mia Moretti

Occupation: World music seeker, trinket collector & manifest maker

Preoccupation: Booty Shaker

Favorite Hotel: Aman-i-khás in India

Mia Moretti
  • What’s your go-to travel gear?

    Mini Croc Backpack from Snob Essentials: I hate a big carry-on because I get stuck lugging it across long airports, terminal changes, etc.

  • What’s your go-to travel uniform?

    FENDI Pant Suit: My go-to is the Mia Moretti x Pencey "Eva" blazer and pant suit. It's a polyester-silk blend so it breathes, but never wrinkles. It's as soft as pajamas, but still sophisticated, so when you board a plane at 6am & land mid-afternoon, you're ready for whatever life has to offer. Unfortunately, it's no longer available, but I also love this Fendi Pant Suit.

  • Can’t travel without?

    Crossword Puzzles: I print the NYTimes crosswords all week & save them for flights.

  • Oddest thing you’ve ever packed?

    Massagers: On a long layover at the Heathrow Airport I got suckered in by Express Spa and ended up buying all sorts of weird massagers. The facial massager is one of the oddest things you could get caught with in your makeup bag… and very provocative looking, I must admit.

  • Favorite thing to nab from the hotel room?

    Slippers: I collect them from around the world.


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