10.24.15 - 10.26.15 / Mexico City

Mutek Mexico

MUTEK MX, the iconic International Festival dedicated to the expression of creativity in audiovisual arts and sound, took place this past weekend in Mexico City. The eclectic curation featured some of the most visionary and original artists in the electronic music and visual/tech world with Tale of Us, Voices from the Lake and DJ Koze, among the highlights. Each event was exquisitely programmed to give attendees a transformational experience, where music flowed through areas with mind-blowing visual installations to give extra depth to the dance floor. Among the overwhelming dance landscape, it’s impossible to forego the audiovisual performances of talents such as Paul Prudence, who focuses on the ways in which sound, space and form can be cross-wired to create live cinematic visual travels. From the reclined seats of a historical dome, we were transported to a universe of colors, lights and machines just to be released an hour later into the peaceful landscapes of the Chapultepec gardens. Although MUTEK also takes place in Montreal, Barcelona, and Bogotá, you can count on Mexico City and its gorgeous surroundings and exciting culture to fully immerse guests into creativity magic, and progressive design. As events take place during the night, days were reserved for exploring the impressive pyramids of Teotihuacan, learning about Mexican history and anthropology at the National Museum of Anthropology, and of course cocktails at Condesa DF’s stylish rooftop. Evidently, MUTEK Mexico City is a playground for the creative mind. Locals mingle seamlessly with travelers and there is no shortage of cultural stimulation.

  • They start slow, then…

  • Super eclectic musical experiment

  • One of the Mutek’s visual displays, each better than the next!

  • Tim & Diego, super experimental, super captivating.

  • People of all ages and types show up to the events, there’s no scene there.

  • Takami Nakamoto

  • A journey-like experience opened the weekend, with guests seated 0n reclined chairs gazing up to the audiovisual show at the dome.

  • Insane amount of focus.

  • An immersive light show at the Teatro Municipal, lasted 3 hours!

  • Lots of dancing after.

  • Meetings backstage

  • Also thinking about what this actually is.

  • Orbital Mechanics at the dome.

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