5.28.20 / Istanbul / Turkey

A Home Life With Ece Sükan

Creative Director, Brand/Fashion consultant and TV show host invites us to her colorful, eclectic home on the Bosphorus in Istanbul.

Where are you? Who with?

It’s been 2.5 months of self-isolation here in Istanbul. I’m mostly by myself, alone in my apartment… some weekends I’m at my boyfriend’s . Here we have a full lockdown only on the weekends and national holidays so as to avoid groups of people going to the parks and such. Weekdays are run by just a “stay home” order.

People you’ve been thinking about most while in quarantine?

First of all my mom & brother. And I also genuinely think about and am disturbed by the inequalities that the system has created around us, creating underprivileged communities.

Biggest Indulgence since staying home?

I always have time to myself at home; somehow I created this freedom with my work, despite the occasional feelings of guilt that can come with a life at home. Now spending my time doing anything that I want without feeling that guilt is my biggest indulgence. Doing yoga and meditation without being in a rush, reading, watching, listening, dancing, writing…all without any time pressure.

Hidden hobby or talent that’s revealed itself?

Well, I can’t say it’s a talent, but like most of us I’ve started to play with ceramics – to paint them, taking inspiration from vintage German ceramics. And I really love it.

Favorite item in your home and why?

My terrace. Feeling so lucky to have this outdoor space by the Bosphorus…I don’t feel like I’m stuck at home. I spend most of my time on the terrace watching the boats, the birds, the trees, the sky…reading, sleeping, painting, moving, planting…

Best meal you’ve made?

We did this amazing baked bluefish with bay leaf, broccoli & potato. It was like a painting before it went to oven.

Best thing you’ve watched while at home?

I did watch this many years ago, but somehow through a friend’s advice I watched it again: Shirley MacLaine’s Out on a Limb. A loving, soothing, grounding, and spiritual movie.  The Last Dance Michael Jordan doc on Netflix has become one of my favorites.

Favorite digital/online or real life experience? (Mine was a talent show with 14 friends from around the world via zoom)

At the beginning of the lockdown I was not into doing Zoom meetings and I didn’t need to, but then a dear friend of mine (who was actually my director for a TV series we did 2 years ago) invited me to his birthday party on Zoom. I am a super analog person and was at first skeptical thinking this “digital birthday party” could never contain the same intimacy & element of fun you get in real life. Well, turns out, it was the best experience I’ve had with a lot of “new feelings” attached to it! It was 150-200 people dancing till the morning, not talking, DJs performing, a belly dancer, a pole dancer…it was so much fun, beyond my expectations. Virtual but so intimate! I was really surprised.

Track you’ve had on repeat that’s made you Dance, cry, scream?

I’ve been listening to a lot of music, all genres different genres throughout the day. Lately I’m obsessed with the 80’s groove & soul, 80’s Japanese city pop, jazz-funk, Cali vibes, bossa nova…and very recently Khruangbin/The Universe Smiles Upon You & Shuggie Otis/ Freedom Flight are the ones on repeat..

First trip you’ll take when you can?

Well , the first trips will be in Turkey…Bodrum, Kazdaglari, Bozburun. Actually, a boat trip would be the best. Then once it’s safe, I would love to go to Patmos…

Quarantine hero?

My quarantine heroes are obviously all of the front line workers that have helped us to survive this pandemic. Their contribution is so vital and valuable, we have to remember this each and every day.

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