The Coolest Budget-Friendly Hotels in Europe The Coolest Budget-Friendly Hotels in Europe


The Coolest Budget-Friendly Hotels in Europe

“Want to see it all without breaking the bank? From Lisbon to London, here are some of the best stylish and affordable hotels around Europe”



Diego and Alexeja checks in to


“Psychotropic romance in Ibiza”

The Madrid EDITION The Madrid EDITION


Alejandro Sánchez de Mora checks in to

The Madrid EDITION

“Design-forward luxury arrives to the Spanish capital”

Zunya Zunya

Mal PaisCosta Rica

Alinka Echeverria checks in to


“A regenerative living system in the jungle ”

Chapter Roma Chapter Roma


Erin Belair checks in to

Chapter Roma

“So Chic. So Central. So Essential. ”

Hotel Les Deux Gares Hotel Les Deux Gares


Tansy Kaschak checks in to

Hotel Les Deux Gares

“Eye candy but make it classy, comfortable, and unexpected”


Jessica Nabongo’s ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Personal Tales and Unreal Adventures

The first black woman to travel to every country in the world flips the script in her memoir, showing that off-the-radar destinations can be just as welcoming, safe, and remarkable as tried-and-true favorites

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The Beach Caves Ibiza Launch

Three days of music, dancing, food, sun, sailing, and wellness brought a slew of international creatives to the north of the island to the most anticipated hotel opening of this summer

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Home for Home to Raise Funds for Ukraine

A travel auction including stays in exclusive properties to support humanitarian aid

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Barrocal Sound Brings World-Class Musicians and Earthy Tunes to Portugal’s Alentejo

This June, a 2-day intimate festival at São Lourenço do Barrocal, a 200-year-old estate turned stunning hotel

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The Plaza on the Stage

If for a moment we stop to imagine all that might take place inside the four corners of a hotel room, we would agree that it would be nothing short of being stage-worthy

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The Best Hotels To Work From

Not a fan of stuffy offices? We aren’t either. From New York to Bali with sleek dedicated desks, lush corners and sandy common spaces, here are our top picks reimagining the work-from-anywhere lifestyle

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St. Barts Guide

Dotted with untouched beaches, rugged coastlines, and shell-swathed shores, this tiny island in the Lesser Antilles is known for its standout hospitality and natural wonders waiting to be explored

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Shop Your Space

Mint House is curating a crop of cool brands from across the country to outfit their residential hospitality apartments — and yours

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HollywoodLos Angeles

Thompson Hollywood

by Damone Roberts

“Lush jungle vibes smack in Hollywood central”


Valverde Hotel

by Tansy Kaschak

“As elegant as it is homely with impeccable comfort, service and in the best location”


Osa Major

by Jade Moyano

“The home you wish you had”

HollywoodLos Angeles

tommie Hollywood

by Ernesto Roman

“Bringing the cool back to Hollywood”


Parco dei Sesi

by Jade Moyano

“Booking it every year for the rest of my life”