5.14.20 / Oaxaca / Mexico

A Home Life With Elliott Bennett Coon

Artist, Alchemist, co-founder of Gem and Bolt Mezcal, Elliot Coon invites us in to her beautiful home in Oaxaca, Mexico.

People you’ve been thinking about most while in quarantine?

My Grandfather, who passed away a couple years ago. We were very close and I try to imagine how he would interpret this moment for humanity. In general, I’m thinking about many people that have passed away and overarchingly about our ancestors, our predecessors. I’m feeling appreciation for all the learning that has been done before us and also all of the mistakes that have been made. I’m a big believer in the concept that we all are standing on the shoulders of giants – I ask myself how our ancestors would view us navigating this moment in time and also how they would advise us through their particular historic lens.

Best thing you’ve watched while at home?

FANTASTIC FUNGI documentary!!

Biggest Indulgence since staying home?

I‘m discovering that my biggest “indulgences” are simply things I didn’t allow enough time for in my more busy life, prior, but in fact are the things that most nourish my spirit. So, I’m rather redefining my concept of indulgence. In my case two of those things are cooking and gardening.   I used to see them as indulgent activities because they were relegated to spare time, but now I’m seeing them as fundamental. I’ve spent exponentially more hours in my garden and kitchen these days and it brings me such joy.

Hidden hobby or talent that’s revealed itself?

Rollerskating! The GEM&BOLT HQ has a big patio/garden, and i’ve been taking full advantage during these weeks. A few scraped knees in the mix, as it’s been a minute, but that’s refreshing too.

Also, I’ve begun writing and recording some songs and I’m loving this new creative outlet. I’ve never written music before so my production skills are sub-zero, but I love to write and I can sing, so it’s all vocal and humming and percussion on my body and the floor which I’m capturing with Garageband. Songs suddenly feel like very fleshy, visceral journal entries and I’m really loving the results.

I’m also working on some new furniture design projects with dear friend and architect, Joao Boto Caeiro, which is another passion of mine. (I designed the bed in photo stream and a number of other pieces in my home)

Favorite item in your home and why?

My blue typewriter in my blue room. And further, my BLUE ROOM as a whole. I create rooms in my home and work-space to facilitate particular experiences and the BLUE ROOM is my magical room where I do yoga, meditation, journaling, singing (In truth I sing everywhere, but especially here), crying, laughing… it’s a powerful space that fills me with tranquility, release and self-discovery. I LOVE IT.

Best meal you’ve made?

I’m pretty proud of my pickled and fermented veggies, all colors of the rainbow.

Favorite digital/online experience? (Mine was a talent show)

My birthday! GEM&BOLT hosted a streaming dance party with an incredible liveset by another dear DJ friend, CRSTO. It was such a beautiful gathering of people and I really felt the power of the community and the music coming through. Even though I was all alone in my home, I felt so profoundly UNITED with my loved ones and I danced non-stop for 2.5 hours.

Track you’ve had on repeat that’s made you Dance, cry, scream?

Feel your weight – poolside remix by Rhye. It breaks me wide open with all the right amounts of sexy, hip-grindy tender deliciousness rolled up in one.

Also a new liveset just released by dear friend, DJ Jo.ke, of Feathered Sun. It can be found on soundcloud.

And lots of old crooner tunes – Unchained Melody by the Righteous brothers, a lot of Otis Redding, Sam Cooke and the like. I love to croon away as loud as possible while working in my garden. Music is like oxygen for me.


First trip you’ll take when you can?

The Azores – I had a very powerful dream about the Azores 7 years ago. Remarkably I’ve still not made it but was planning to go this year for my birthday. I had to cancel as a result of quarantine. I’m pretty sure I’ve waited this long because I intuitively know the minute I set foot on that land, it may change my life dramatically. I’m ready.


Quarantine hero?

My plants. They keep on growing and giving. There is no fear, no anxiety and nothing has stopped. They are ceaseless in their presence. Whenever I’m confused or uncertain or feeling a bit disconnected my first instinct is to go to my garden, put my hands in the soil. An endless source of wisdom for me and the more I quiet my mind, the more present I am, the more I hear them.

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