A Hotel Life, Vuelta Sur And ZsONAMACO Present ABC Art Baja California

Celebrating the most important art moment in Latin America and a community-centered debut in Baja California Sur

"Entre la vida y la muerte" by Mexican artist Gonzalo Lebrija who will be showing his work during ABC Art Baja California

By AHL Editorial Team on 01.18.22

ZoNAMACO, the most important art gathering in Latin America, marks early February as the official Art Week in Mexico City, attracting the usual fair-hoping jet set and an eclectic crowd of art lovers. This upcoming spring, it will bring to life the first edition of ABC Art Baja California, its outpost in Baja California Sur, the remote Pacific state that is gaining more and more attention, especially from creatives across industries looking for new, expansive horizons — and art and hospitality are at the forefront.

On Tuesday, February 7th, 2023, A Hotel Life, Vuelta Sur, and ZsONAMACO will together host a breakfast at the lush courtyard of the Four Seasons Mexico City to introduce ABC Art Baja California. Mexican and international artists, press, enthusiasts, and collectors will meet to learn about the initiative and brainstorm ways of promoting and participating in the 5-week program. 

"Baja California Sur is where the beautiful desert meets the wild Pacific, providing a rich canvas for thinkers and makers from all over the world."

From March 10th to April 23rd, 2023, ABC Art Baja California will seek to “disseminate art and culture in Baja California Sur, focusing on the local scene through the promotion of collaborations that strengthen the concept of community among gallerists, artists, collectors, designers, local establishments and the general public. From ABC we seek to strengthen the idea of community by promoting broad projects where synergies are generated between local establishments, galleries and artists from Mexico and other countries,” says Zélika García, founder and director of ZsONAMACO.

Paola Castelo, founder of Vuelta Sur and a resident of Baja California Sur, said she has witnessed the growth of new creative talent in the region. “It’s been transformative. It is where the beautiful desert meets the wild Pacific, providing a rich canvas for thinkers and makers from all over the world. Art is such a powerful force for community building; it brings people together and helps promote understanding, tolerance, and empathy. I feel truly excited for ABC to bring additional energy to our incredible cultural movement,” she adds.

Rather than a centralized art fair, ABC will create unique experiences in three cities: La Paz, San José, and Todos Santos. , the events will take place at a variety of venues and public spaces, including hotels.

“Art and hospitality have so much in common, especially when they are aimed at fostering inclusion and community and act as a fertile ground for new ideas and connections to flourish. At A Hotel Life, our mission is to celebrate thoughtful creativity and showcase businesses and initiatives that are going the extra mile to be not only tastemakers but, first and foremost, changemakers. We are honored and excited to support the first edition of ABC Art Baja California”, says Tansy Kaschak, editor-in-chief of A Hotel Life.


"Art and hospitality have so much in common, especially when they are aimed at fostering inclusion and community and act as a fertile ground for new ideas and connections to flourish."

More art in Baja California Sur

From February 22nd to 26th, 2023, journalist Julia Chaplin’s Proyecto Dracula and curator Martine Bury will be presenting Portals of the Oasis, an otherworldly art happening in Todos Santos. Acting as an open space for prime creative experimentation, the project will include a lineup of artists, chefs, farmers, DJs, poets, scientists, and astronomers presenting works and performances in dreamy locations around the town, including at their headquarters Castillo de Dracula

This is a private event by invitation only, and guests can retrieve their tickets from January 20th, 2023. RSVP to to receive an Eventbrite link.


More art in Mexico City

ZsONAMACO, founded in 2002, brings together leading and emerging national and international art galleries and shares the calendar with other art initiatives in Mexico City. Salón ACME, started by Sebastian Vizcaino, Zazil Barba, and Alvaro Ugarte, and celebrating its 10th edition, is an art platform created by and for artists; it seeks to give visibility, impulse, and dissemination to creators that develop their work both in Mexico and abroad. Presenting complementary sections such as La Bodega de ACME, which gives continuity to the work of artists who have participated in previous editions of the Salón, promoting their current work; and the Public Program, a series of talks and round tables around topics related to the production, dissemination, marketing, and education about art.


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