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Aruba: Celebrating 60 Years of Carnival

Earlier this month, I tagged along with Athena Calderone of Eye Swoon to take in the vivid sights, sounds, and crystal blue seas at Aruba’s Diamond Jubilee Carnival Celebration. Forget what you know about cocktail sipping, laid back Caribbean vacations…this is proof that the “One Happy Island” really knows how to throw down. – Amy Risley

It’s worth the 4am wake up call to experience Jouvert Morning, another “jump-up” that goes down in the pre-dawn hours in San Nicholas.

PJ clad locals swarm the streets, dancing to the infectious sounds of the island’s best bands as they pass by on floats, blasting the official Carnival theme songs.

Of course there’s time to kick back and take in some of the more relaxy bits…like this dreamy spot at The Old Man & The Sea Restaurant…

…and ham it up tourist style.

But nothing compares to the main event in Oranjestad. Spectators stake out spots days in advance to witness the hours-long procession of ornate floats and vivid costumes, and the entire city seems to pulse along to a celebratory beat.

It’s experiences like this that ignite our passion for travel…getting to take part in a country’s pride, creativity and culture is what it’s all about!


To wind down after the festivities (and wash off the sequins), we took a trip to the island’s rocky windward coast to dip in the serenity of the beautiful Conchi, the natural pool which can only be reached via a hair raising jeep ride from De Palm Tours. 

Followed by a few hours feeding and frolicking with this pretty in pink dude and his friends on the gorgeous (and private to hotel guests) Renaissance Island.

Masha Danki (that’s thanks in their mother tongue Papiamento) to the beautiful people of Aruba for an unforgettable experience!

Visit aruba.com for more tips on things to do and where to say – or just gaze longingly at the current thermometer reading on their homepage.



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