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A Look At The Beekman Hotel’s New Art Collection

Jane Hammond - All Souls (Buttermilk Channel), 2015 - Behind Concierge Desk - On Permanent View
[Jane Hammond – All Souls (Buttermilk Channel), 2015]

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Angela Pham reviewed the Beekman, but already they are rolling out new things. The historic property has made its intentions clear about the kind of experience they want their guests to have. The ornate furnishings, the stunning atrium, and the restaurants by culinary masters Tom Colicchio and Keith McNally have all lent themselves to a comfortable but decadent experience for hotel guests and visitors alike. It’s no surprise that they maintain the same approach for their new art collection, led by curator Katherine Gass.

Natalia Edenmont - Requiem, 2011 - Front Lobby - On Permanent View
[Natalia Edenmont-Requiem, 2011]

Since opening the Beekman has made a point to work with local artists. Rather than fill the hotel with famous artwork, Gass selected over 60 original pieces, many of which come from downtown artists. In order to blend in with the unique aesthetic of the hotel, she couldn’t simply rely on the contemporary pieces that many boutiques have become known for. Instead, 19th century influences are infused in the works, as a nod to the property’s long history. Prints will be spread throughout the guest rooms while luxury suites will feature many original works, but Patrick Jacobs, Cathy Cone, and Jane Hammond have all created site specific pieces in public areas. It’s only the start, as Gass intends to add new work to the space and create new installations. But for now, guests have yet another reason to make it down to Fidi and stop by The Beekman.

Jane Hammond - The Touch Up, 2009 - Pop-Up Exhibition - On View For A Limited Time Only
[Jane Hammond – The Touch Up, 2009]

Renato D' Agostin - Rome, Metropolis, 2005 - Pop-Up Exhibition - On View For A Limited Time Only
[Renato D’Agostin -Rome Metropolis, 2005]

Luke Stephehnson - The Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds, 2008-2009 - Pop-Up Exhibition - On View For A Limited Time Only
[Luke Stephehnson – The Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds, 2008-2009]

Reed Anderson - Hangman, 2012 - Pop-Up Exhibition - On View For A Limited Time Only
[Reed Anderson – Hangman, 2012]

[Photo: Richard Barnes]

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