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An Acclaimed Cinematographer Turns To Paint

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[Photo: Sean DiSerio]

In the film world you’re often used to getting the perspectives of actors and directors, but cinematographer Benoit Delhomme ventured out of the medium entirely to express his own. After a career working on major films including The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, A Most Wanted Man, and The Theory Of Everything, Delhomme exhibited his paintings for the first time at Daniel Cooney Fine Art, adding a new element to his acclaimed portfolio. Despite this being the first opportunity for viewers to see his work, he’s been painting for 20 years between film projects. Though he’s self-taught, a deft hand clearly runs through the family—the fashion set will recognize his shared surname with Jean-Phillippe, his illustrator brother who has worked with everyone from Glenn O’Brien to Louis Vuitton.

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The series of paintings titled My Hollywood (23 are on display, but Delhomme was happy to share dozens more last night at the opening reception), depict actors from his behind-the-scenes position in film; they’re both sardonic and sincere, offering an honest take on the challenges of working within an often fickle industry. Emotive figures are accompanied by text which communicate the feelings experienced by actors – “I Will Not Say Your Words,” “I Just Want You To Feel What I Feel,” and “Is My Soul More Photogenic?” For someone who has spent his life finding and creating beautiful imagery, it’s telling that he sees the loneliness and insecurity behind it as well, and it makes My Hollywood an excellent debut for Delhomme.

My Hollywood is on view at Daniel Clooney Fine Art (508 W 26th) through May 6th

[Photo: Sean DiSerio]


[Photo: Sean DiSerio]

Benoit Delhomme - CAN WE STOP THE SCENE, 2016

BenoitDelhomme-MyHollywood-87-Ricky Clifton, Nadine Johnson and Benoit Delhomme
[Photo: Sean DiSerio]


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