6.1.20 / America

The Fight for Equality Demands Our Unwavering Support

Silence is not an option

We know this isn’t the place you would necessarily go to for this kind of information, but what’s been happening over the last week all across the country is significant and crucial to the identity of both our country and ourselves. In inequality black people constantly face is not an issue anyone can be silent on, and it almost seems redundant to tell you how much they influence us, our industry, and the community we want to build. Our site is primarily about sharing our experiences, not educating our readers on social politics. But right now this is our experience. It can’t simply remain a conversation, it needs active support whether that’s voices, demonstrations, or donations. Learn the problem, support individuals, implore your politicians to reform if they want your votes, and remain steadfast in the pursuit of the society we want to see.


We initially planned to highlight the organizations that are helping with bail such as the Minnesota Freedom Fund at the heart of the protests, and the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund in our own backyard, but in a strange silver lining, these organizations have received so many donations in the past two days that they are asking people to donate elsewhere.  There’s also the People’s City Council Freedom Fund in LA, the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, and Restoring Justice in Houston, but we also encourage you to seek out similar organizations in your own cities or donate to a national non-profit like The Bail Project.

It’s also important to learn about what reforms people are actually looking for, from repealing laws that restrict public access to police records, to defunding police budgets in areas where it surpasses the combined budget for housing, health, and homelessness combined. Communities United for Police Reform is fighting to reform the NYPD, and has been valuable in informing the protests here in New York. Pressing politicians to fight for these reforms if they want your support. It’s key to stay active, engaged, and informed, even when it feels overwhelming. This is not a time for comfort, especially when so many around us are still suffering.

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