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Caroline Clements

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  • What do you do and how did you get here?

    I currently live in Melbourne (Australia) and am the Publications Director at Australian digital publication Broadsheet. Previously (and still now) I am a writer, editor and producer, and have spent time traveling, eating, meeting interesting people and writing about all three.

  • What inspires you daily?

    Great people doing exciting, fun things. My friends who are challenging themselves with new projects, career changes, building houses, moving countries and having children. The people I work with who come up with creative concepts. People who are mobile, keep moving forward and stay fresh. People who have time. People who slow down, who are patient, genuine, calm and present. People that challenge me. Places I can escape to. Adventures I plan to take.

  • Favorite trip you’ve ever taken?

    Recently a road trip up the east coast of New South Wales over the summer. All time memorable: India 10 years ago, a US road trip San Francisco to LA along Highway 1, Alice Springs...real desert Australia.

  • Favorite hotel?

    Mu Bali in Bingin and Hotel Danieli in Venice.

  • Destination you daydream about visiting?

    Sri Lanka, Turkey, Indonesia, Iran, San Sebastian.

  • More memorable travel mix-up?

    Booking one bed for two people on an full overnight sleeper train in India.

  • Where will you be on your next day off?

    Down the coast in Aires Inlet along the Great Ocean Road.

  • What will you be doing a few years from now?

    Living coastal, staying active, getting excited every day, eating well, traveling.

  • If you could invite anyone to a party - dead or alive - who would it be?

    Bernie Sanders, Adrian Brodie, Willem Dafoe, Anis Nin, Frida Kahlo.

  • Is there anyone you’re admiring in the industry?

    Friend and A Hotel Life contributor Georgia Hopkins of It's Beautiful Here. My main squeeze and videographer at Scruffalo. My Publisher at Broadsheet Nick Shelton. My cousin interior designer Tamsin Johnson. Nowness for great videos on interesting creatives.