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Casa Perfect Is a Design Dream Hidden in a West Village Townhouse

With interior eye-candy at every corner

There are no shortage of boutiques in New York that sell interior design goods, but what better way to showcase your products than to display them as intended? That’s what design gallery The Future Perfect is doing with their newly opened Casa Perfect New York, a five-story townhouse hidden in the West Village that houses all of their most sophisticated wares. The space looks like a mix between a high-end boutique, an art gallery, and a dream home, and taps into the increasingly prevalent notion of creating unique, experiential retail environments. Though you can only see it in person through appointments, it’s worth the effort. Many of the pieces themselves are one-offs, custom, or otherwise hard to find, lending themselves to a distinctive visual identity. Here is a mix of materials, shapes, and colors; an emerald felted seat with metal gold trimmings, marble tabletops in rich hues, and quirky lighting such as a bulb resting on a standing chain or a brightly colored, glowing mushroom.

At the center of the space is a sculptural staircase designed by David Chipperfield where guests can access the different rooms, each serving as home design inspiration as much as a product showcase. The living room with its contemporary fireplace and floor to ceiling windows (overlooking the accessible backyard) is refined relaxation at its finest. The kitchen is modern enough that you can imagine guest chefs taking advantage of it, and the bedroom adds a pop of color without trading its simple design. That’s not to say we don’t recognize that Casa Perfect is a retail concept, not a hotel or actual home. But it’s a treat to have this craftsmanship and its presentation so carefully considered, and it gives us a glimpse into a well designed life.

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