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New Yorkers Can Preview the New Paris Restaurant Maison at Chefs Club

Celebrated chef Sota Atsumi takes on New York

As the chef of Paris restaurant Clown Bar, Sota Atsumi made a name for himself. The cult hit was the darling of the Paris dining scene for years when Atsumi was at the helm, earning him a spot as one of the most sought-after chefs in France. With his next venture Maison set to open in Paris later this year, Atsumi has decided to cross the ocean and preview its dishes to New Yorkers with a residency at Chefs Club. Here guests can experience a unique feast in the 5-course prix fixe menu which combines Atsumi’s natural gastronomical experimentation with the ethos of Japanese simplicity. Dishes like the colorful, assorted seafood platter, the popular duck pithivier, and the Pain Perdu Salé made with bread, cuttlefish ragu, squid ink, lentils, and egg yolk might make an appearance, but the menu changes every few weeks in accordance to which fresh ingredients are available. Starting this week there’s a new appealing addition: bread by Shinaya Inagaki. Also based in Paris, Inagaki is considered one of the best bread makers in the city, and is using the opportunity to test out different local New York flours. It’s the kind of cross-cultural and progressive dining experience people crave in New York, and at least for the next couple of months we can claim one of the most exciting new Parisian restaurants as our own.

Maison at Chefs Club is open through July 21st at 275 Mulberry Street

[Baby Lettuces, Pickled Sardines, Tomato Consommé, and Lemon Oil; Photo: Aaron Arizpe]

[Sardine Beignets, Espelette Pepper]

[Photo: Catherine Mao]

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