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Daniel Arsham Turns Rimowa into a ‘Future Relic’

Ensuring the iconic design lives beyond our time

Rimowa’s stylish suitcases might be renowned as a luxury staple for travelers, but their new collaboration with Daniel Arsham will still manage to give you a look of awe upon opening it. At first it seems like a typical attache, featuring the signature Rimowa grooves housed in a sleek aluminum finish that evokes the film industry’s favorite crime-thriller prop: the metal briefacse. Except here you’ll feel more like Tim Roth in Pulp Fiction; you peek inside the briefcase and something far more valuable and mysterious than money is inside. Instead it’s one of Daniel Arsham’s ‘Future Relic’ art pieces, this time in the shape of—you guessed it—a Rimowa attache. That’s right, it’s a briefcase in a briefcase, but one is far more unique than the other. Limited to a signed and numbered edition of 500, the set comes with stickers, a holographic label, and gloves to handle the sculpture, which is made up of Arsham’s signature eroded cast. While the aluminum attache is a stylish upgrade to your run of the mill briefcase, it might be best served acting as a display housing for the sculpture. For travelers this is the perfect art piece. Who knows what travel will look like in fifty…a hundred…two hundred years? Maybe they’ll find a way to shrink down luggage the way they’ve shrunk down everything else in the world, and Rimowa will cease to exist—but even then this piece will remain as an object of beauty.

Rimowa x Daniel Arsham Eroded Attache is available HERE starting May 17th

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