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Darcel Disappoints Documents ‘One Year in New York’

A vibrantly illustrated depiction of life in the big city

Craig Redman has always used his illustrative talents to great effect, with his work under Craig & Karl (with Karl Maier) appearing on magazine covers, art installations, and major brand partnerships. However his most poignant work has come in the form of Darcel Disappoints, a character Redman uses to convey humorous musings about the world around him, allowing Darcel to serve as a stand-in for Redman himself. Darcel Disappoints has grown far past the eponymous blog—even debuting a collaborative furniture collection with IKEA back in June. This summer Redman placed Darcel in our favorite environment for his first official book launch: One Year in New York. On the blog, the Australian-born Redman often used Darcel to convey his feelings about living in New York, in ways anyone who has been here can relate to. Redman sifted through 600+ Darcel posts to create the 156-book which range from quirky thoughts about going out in New York or riding the subway, to deeper feelings of loneliness and conflict that the city can so easily induce. Together the elements create something that cuts to the core of being a New Yorker, but with all of the charm that has made Darcel such an appealing character.

Craig Redman is doing a book signing of One Year in New York at Bookmarc, tonight from 6-8pm. You can also purchase the book online at viction.ary

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