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Decode Experiential Put a Digital Art Installation In the Middle of Times Square

At least three screens that aren’t selling you anything!


What a time to be in Times Square. Suddenly out of nowhere the neighborhood has been injected with life, and adding to that is a special art installation at the iconic One Times Square building (where the NYE ball drops). ‘META—morphosis’ is the latest exhibit presented by Decode Experiential (a collaboration between studio As We Are and Lightbox) and through the end of the month, the building’s brand new state of the art digital screens are being used to showcase 21 digital artists. Ranging from established to emerging artists including Rek0de, Polyhop, Zolloc, Frank Guzzone,  Marpi, Render Fruit, Sam Cannon, and Zach Lieberman, each one has created a custom animated piece that will cycle uninterrupted to an audience of thousands every day—quite possibly the most amount of eyes an artist can hope to have on their work outside of a museum. It’s a significant exhibit for that reason alone, but it’s also worth noting that much like the Shibuya crossing, Times Square is famous for its cluster of advertisements. ‘META-morphosis’ provides one of the rare opportunities for those thousands of people to take the obligatory photo in the middle of the neighborhood without an ad in the background, and with something much more memorable instead. Best of all there’s a good chance you’ll be there anyway, with The Times Square EDITION (it’s oddly satisfying to walk out into empty streets with a background of bright artwork after a night at Paradise Club), Dear Irving, the Polynesian, and more drawing people uptown of late. There’s never been a better time for New Yorkers to rediscover Times Square, but ‘META-morphosis’ itself brings something rare to the area, and it signals the exciting potential of public arts projects in the most unlikely of places in New York.

‘META-morphosis’ is on display at the One Times Square building through May 31st. Learn more about Decode Experiential HERE.

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