Leader of the Pack

Devon Fisher

Devon Fisher

Occupation: Designer + Founder, Pondichérie

Preoccupation: Travel agent and personal shopper for my family.

Favorite Hotel: La Mamounia

Devon Fisher
  • 1. What’s your perfect carry-on or piece of luggage?

    My Away carry-on! I love that it has a built in charger. Nothing puts the panic into far-away travel like a dead cell phone.

  • 2. What’s your go-to travel uniform?

    I always travel with a hat, which works out well for messy hair post-flight. Right now my go to is JANESSA LEONE'S FISHERMAN CAP. My travel uniform is my day-to-day uniform but with BOYFRIEND JEANS instead of skinnies. Add some easy SLIP ON MULES and I’m ready to go!

  • 3. Can’t travel without:

    CASHMERE! Mine is in the form of a travel blanket/sleep mask set that my stylish mother-in-law bought me a few years ago. Other in-flight necessities: fuzzy socks and hand sanitizer.

  • 4. Oddest thing I’ve ever packed:

    Usually weighty and unwieldy things that I've just bought. Like a 10lb crystal shoved into a carry on from the Tucson Gem and Mineral show, and most recently a 19th century telescope from the Clignancourt flea market in Paris.

  • 5. Favorite thing to nick from the hotel room:

    If the hotel is sporting luxe bath products you can rest assured I am taking them with me.