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Dismantle Systemic Racism Using This Robust Index by Patia’s Fantasy World

An all-encompassing list to help people get on the right track

Just like when the pandemic broke out, the mood has greatly shifted in a short span of time. This, however, gives rise to optimism. As of June 4th, 50 states and 18 countries have had active protests against racial inequality. After days of marching under the beating sun, protests have intensified while still remaining peaceful.

This is a real-time movement which requires real-time support, and it can feel hard to keep up with such rapid developments. Patia’s Fantasy World, a hugely popular Instagram account by Patia Borja, has put together one of the best indexes for activism towards this cause, compiling everything from links to legal and bail funds, to resources on maintain mental health during this and lists of black-owned businesses to support. We’re constantly getting new information, and staying up to date is all of our individual responsibility, whether that’s finding out which organizations are no longer receiving donations, updated text/emails we can send to politicians, or new areas we can collectively share our voice. However, Patia’s document covers a lot of ground, with enough material to truly understand the issues at hand. It’s incredibly valuable, and worth a deep dive as we go into the weekend, all wondering what else we can do to help.

Patia’s Master List:


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