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Inside the Quirkiest New Pop-Up in NYC

One of the great things about New York is that there are so many random things occurring here at any given moment, from edgy art installations to corporate marketing gimmicks. But even with all of that, we never really expected to find ourselves at a pop-up dedicated solely to eggs. That’s precisely what you get at The Egg House (though, if you expected anything else based on that title, it’s on you), a quirky new pop-up in the Lower East Side. The founders of the Egg House have remained anonymous; all we really know is that it was the result of a few NYU, Parsons, Pratt, and SVA design students banding together. In fact, the entire reason for the The Egg House’s existence might seem equally unclear, but the founders simply wanted to create something bright and irreverent at a time when there’s a gloomy pall over culture, and they wanted it to center on something universal, like eggs. Naturally there are collaborations in the space such as egg-shaped chocolate lollipops by the Egg Shop, and ice cream by Eggloo, egg-themed merchandise, and even special events outside the normal hours. There’s actually a storyline that goes along with the space, though you’ll have to check out their Instagram feed if you want to get a full understanding of the space. Social media is clearly a part of The Egg House, and you’ll see that there’s some Instagram bait like the human sized egg carton you can sit in which demands a photo, or the ‘millennial pink’ that’s thrown in for good measure, but it’s also a wink at the whole pop-up experience. It’s silly and fun, particularly good for kids, and in the age of niche, experiential spaces (like the Museum of Ice Cream), it’s a look at how these ideas are expanding. And really, it’s the best egg-themed pop-up we’ve ever been to.

The Egg House is open at 195 Christie Street April 7th-June 27th, Sun-Thu 10:30am-8:30pm and Fri-Sat 10:30am-9:30pm

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