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Gem & Bolt and Carlito Dalceggio Host an Experiential Art Opening in New York

From it’s inception, Gem & Bolt has always been as focused on its cultivating a strong community as it has on creating a high quality  mezcal. “It’s really important to me that this brand is not just a product, that it’s actually a community,” says Elliot Coon, co-founder of Gem & Bolt along with Adrina Drina. That’s why the duo has collaborated with artist Carlito Dalceggio on a new immersive pop-up exhibit “Carlito Dalceggio: Mythologia Libre” in Soho, which hosted a special signature Gem & Bolt party during opening week.

Art has always been a driving force of Gem & Bolt from the beginning, and those most familiar with the brand have experienced their vibrant, eclectic, and trippy events before—such as their colorful Dia de la Muertos event in Oaxaca earlier this year. “Adrina and I, were both artists first and foremost. And we actually created this brand from our art career, we left the art industry and then went down this avenue.” Unlike brands who might seek our artists for one-off events, art has come hand in hand with Gem & Bolt’s ethos. “What I would say is it’s always been very important to us to curate ourselves in the places we really want to be, an the places that align with the types of people that we’re speaking to. Where you see real creative initiative in events, and it’s not just pushing booze and pushing tickets, and just a mass of people in throngs; you’re really getting something quality.”

The collaboration with Carlito stays true to that. The exhibit is among his largest, with paintings, traditional masks, objects, and digital installations, most splashed with color (and a few in black & white) despite reflecting powerful and sometimes dark themes. Elliot and Adrina met him years ago, and they immediately had a connection. ” I think we see and think and feel very similarly in the ways we create and the types of communications we want to be sharing with the world.”  During the Gem & Bolt event, it was apparent that guests shared a connection with the brand and the artist, whether or not they knew his story. “I don’t think of him as from anywhere, and a lot of people don’t know where he’s from because he’s this all around mystical creative thats connected to everywhere and belongs to nowhere. And I identify with that, a lot of people in our community identify with that to some extent.”

Despite being based out of Oaxaca, Gem & Bolt have noticed a change in the perception of mezcal even there. “Mezcal has existed for hundreds of years. I would say partly due to the global eye on Mexico and the sudden interest in mezcal has put it on a new pedestal in a way, within Mexico.” As the popularity of mezcal grows, their identity as creative curators becomes the thing that distinguishes Gem & Bolt the most, and amidst growth they’re committed to their original vision. “It’s always been the heart and soul, for me it’s really important to always keep that connection with artistry, with creativity, and story and connectivity, unity. It’s really important to me that this brand is not just a product, that it’s actually a community.”

“Carlito Dalceggio: Mythologia Libre” is open through May 24th at 332 Canal Street

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