1.28.19 / London / England

The Hilton London Bankside Debuts a Vegan Suite

Animal-free from the concierge to the mini-bar

It was bound to happen soon enough. Veganism has been extending far past dietary trends in the past few years, with everything from cleaning supplies to beauty products to high fashion getting the designation for avoiding animal products. Now hotels have followed suit, starting with the Hilton London Bankside where guests can book the first Vegan Suite. Designed by Bompas & Parr, the suite features wood detailing, cotton carpeting, pillow filling made from natural materials, vegan snacks at the mini-bar, and vegan cleaning products used by the staff. Bompas & Parr also wanted to focus on sustainability rather than use synthetic materials, using bamboo fibers, kapok, and a pineapple-derived leather alternative called Pinatex. Though veganism is often thought of in terms of a stringent diet still inconceivable to most, shifting to vegan products in other areas like home furnishings can have significant consequences and increase cruelty-free sourcing. The Vegan Suite at the Hilton London Bankside may just be one room in a sea of hotels, but it marks a shift towards ethical hospitality, and innovative design solutions. This can help frame the way people think about the materials they use, and just how sustainability has carved out a share of the fashion scene, there’s much more room for hotels to do the same. And if none of that means much to you, the Vegan Suite is a still a pretty chic room on its own, which is something we can all get behind.


[Photos via @hiltonbankside]

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