Kate Atkinson

The Pig

  • Where:
  • Why:A jaunt to wreak havoc at an English country manor while celebrating my first time in London in four years, and catching up with an old partner in crime.
  • When:August 2014
  • Who:Myself and my BFF and favourite facilitator of low-brow banter.
The Pig Supper anyone? <br data-src=

Supper anyone?
The living room.

The Pig The Pig, out back. <br data-src=

The Pig, out back.
The Pig Restaurant.

The Pig Galoshes galore.

Galoshes galore.

The Pig The book selection.

The book selection.

The Pig Retro radio. <br data-src=

Retro radio.
Be alarmed.

The Pig Window gazing. <br data-src=

Window gazing.
Transporting your chickens.

The Pig The piano. <br data-src=

The piano.
Antler addiction.

The Pig The billiards. <br data-src=

The billiards.
Caution! Library ahead.

The Pig Chef's table. <br data-src=

Chef's table.
Some enchanted evening.

The Pig Drowning in farming. <br data-src=

Drowning in farming.
The bedroom.

The Pig

Highs & Lows

  • The Penguin books in the rooms…in rainbow brights, they were a really brilliant finishing touch.

  • The setting – picturesque with herb gardens and frisky deers to boot.

  • The Potting Shed Spa - an isolated property is not complete without a spa.

  • Food, glorious food. The property (like all good country manors) really centres around eating, and library lounging.

  • Locale – it’s difficult to get to, being a little way away from Bath and Bristol, but you’ll find enough to do here to while away hours. Advised for those who want a break.

The Barometer

  • Design

  • Website

  • Environmental Consciousness

  • Night's Sleep

  • Service

  • Amenities

  • Takeable Treats

  • Refer a Friend

  • Overall Value

  • Life Changing

Total: 46/50

Important Bits

  • Type

    Country manor, estate home.

  • Vibe

    Esteemed Georgian country house meets Downton Abbey.

  • Location

    Blissfully off the grid, this is the perfect stately British retreat. The hotel has beautiful kitchen gardens for the growing of seasonal ingredients, an extensive garden (with deer and fawn viewing a plenty) a greenhouse glassed in restaurant with an impressive chef’s table, a lounge, a library with every read you could ever want, a billiard room with a table that is easily the size of most people in Manhattan’s apartments, and more. Bath and its history and quaint British heritage are just a short drive away, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll sit in the lounge talking world news and reading aloud Russell Brand’s allegory to Robin Williams in the Guardian, whiling the day away with coffee, small talk and cryptic crosswords.

  • Rooms


  • Music

    Soft piano music in the main space, a great accompaniment to our pork portions.

  • Year Opened


  • Designed By

    Overseen by hotel guru Robin Hutson, owner of The Four Pigs in the UK, and formerly behind Hotel Du Vin.

  • Health & Wellness

    No gym, but not needed what with all of the country air, rolling hills to tramp in and ‘Hamburger Hill’…a randomly located paintballing centre that is picturesque in the stunning surroundings. Yes, spa...The Potting Shed.

  • Restaurant

    Yes. The hotel’s restaurant is a victory. It had been four long years since I had last filled myself with pork belly and theirs did not disappoint by any means. Traditional English pub fare to fill the belly and make you want to sink into an afternoon coma with a great book. Would also recommend the XXX pizzas, a lunchtime favourite and great to soak up any red wine remnants or headaches from the night prior.

  • Bar


  • Children

    Leave them at home. I’ll never say it’s advisable to bring rugrats when there’s a grand piano about. Controlling ourselves from playing it (and failing) was hard enough.

  • Price

    Pricey luxury, but fair for what you get.

  • Tel.


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