Leader of the Pack

Joy Bryant & David Pope

Joy Bryant & David Pope

Occupation: Owners of Basic Terrain

Preoccupation: Music & Decathlete

Favorite Hotel: Four Seasons Hualalai & Berbere Palace, Ouarzazate, Maroc

Joy Bryant & David Pope
  • 1. What’s your perfect carry on or piece of luggage?

    JOY BRIANT: Love the OSPREY MERIDIAN. It’s a carry-on pulley with a detachable daypack. The perfect travel companion: ready to roll anywhere.

  • 2. What’s your go-to travel uniform?

    JOY BRIANT: VINTAGE MILITARY JACKET(for the pockets and I like to layer underneath); BASIC TERRAIN ABBOT WRAP (a fleece wrap for extra warmth).
    DAVID: A COMFORTABLE PAIR OF JEANS, one of the canvas UTILITY JACKET SAMPLES that I’m wear-testing for Basic Terrain, ASICS, and I always have a ball cap in the bag. Pull the bill down and it’s instant privacy on a plane or a train.

  • 3. Can’t travel without:

    JOY BRIANT: IPOD CLASSIC, VINTER’S DAUGHTER ACTIVE BOTANICAL SERUM, and an assortment of teas DAVID: This is a toss up. For carry on, I always have a blank paged, hard cover, MOLESKINE with me. Use it for journaling, sketching, and ideas. Just in general: I always have a UTILITY KNIFE on me or in my checked luggage. Guess it’s from my Boyscout days.

  • 4. Oddest thing you've ever packed:

    JOY BRIANT: A bunch of SEX TOYS that were given to me as a gag gift (no pun intended).
    DAVID: Nothing spectacular here. Though back in my athletic days, had a friend who liked to slip DILDOS in your carry on with a bottle of water, just to make sure security would go through your bag. I quickly learned to double check my carry on before putting it on the belt.

  • 5. Favorite thing to nick from the hotel room:

    JOY BRIANT: Mini honey jars from room service that way I have honey in my tea on the plane. DAVID: Pretty much always take bar soap when they have it. Definitely taking a fold up cork screw.