Leader of the Pack

Julian Prince

Julian Prince

Occupation: Festival Organizer, SXM Festival St Martin

Preoccupation: Keepin' up the good vibes.

Favorite Hotel: Guanahani St Barths

Julian Prince
  • 1. What’s your perfect carry on or piece of luggage?

    Rimowa aluminium carry-on. Maybe “cliché” but I had it about 7 years before most other people at least!! It’s beaten up and tells a nice story, still rolls nice ;)

  • 2. What’s your go-to travel uniform?

    My baseball cap! I don’t usually wear one. I use the travel time to rest because I know that once I land, the agenda is packed and sometimes I don’t have any choice but to ignore the jet lag. Since I can’t handle the classic travel eye mask, my baseball cap and unplugged headphones put me right to sleep. The flight attendants love me – I don’t even ask for a glass of water and pass our before the take-off…

  • 3. Can’t travel without:

    Skittles, tropical edition, do I need to say more? The are the best, especially when you crush them.

  • 4. Oddest thing I’ve ever packed:

    I went to Algeria to see my grandma and she gave me a duffel bag full of fresh dates to bring back with me to St-Martin. Can’t say no to that, they are the best in the world and so is she!

  • 5. Favorite thing to nick from the hotel room:

    I’m not one for taking the toiletries but I always make sure to do a sweep to check I didn't forget anything, I’m constantly getting in trouble for things I leave in hotel rooms!