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Jungles In Paris Is Previewing Its Festival-Ready Films This Weekend In Brooklyn

In 2013, Jungles In Paris joined the growing list of independent travel websites, offering a perspective revolving around niche stories that were otherwise unseen. During the last 5 years that has turned into some of the most revelatory multimedia piece—even extending to the film festival circuit—offering a close look at the people who shape culture and the environment that surrounds them. Stories have taken readers around the world, and have delved into the most unique cultures and most obscure destinations.

This Saturday, Jungles In Paris is reaffirming its commitment to promoting discovery of the natural world with a film screening in celebration of Environmental Awareness Month. Part of Camp David’s new series of screenings, the event provides a first look at Jungles In Paris’ creative documentary films before their debut in Monaco during the Cannes Film Festival. There will be a conversation between Jungles in Paris co-founder Darrell Hartman, Filmmaker Billy Silva, and Photographer Scott MacDonough, as well as a happy hour for guests to enjoy. It’s a look inside the process of one of the most fascinating travel sites around, with the kind of eye-opening films that will make you appreciate the depth of the planet during this eco-conscious month.

The event takes place at Camp David on Saturday April 7th from 3-7pm.

RSVP at rsvp@campdavid.com for admittance of you +1

Photo: Daniel Rodrigues, from the story “The Amazon’s Most Dangerous Hunters”

Photo: Perdram Yazdani, from the story “Indonesia’s Traditional Free Divers”

Photo: Aron Klein, from the story “Winter Look Out: These Bulgarians Are Coming For You”

Photo: Luke Massey, from the story “Western Europe’s Most Endangered Wildcat”

Photo: Yvonne Oswald, from the story “Siena’s Palio Parade”

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