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Katharina Grosse’s New Painted Surfboards Support Parley’s Fight to Clean the Ocean

Vibrant underwater swirls

October might not seem like the time to highlight new surfboards but with surfboards as stunning as these, we’re yearning for some waves. Individually painted by famed German artist Katharina Grosse, the new series of surfboards was created in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans in order to support their mission to help protect oceans. Sales of the surfboards, which debuted at the Gagosian Shop on Madison Avenue last night, will benefit Parley’s Global Clean Up Network aiming to end marine plastic pollution. Parley has already proven to have an extensive network of creatives they collaborate with, each bringing their own artistic flourish in order to bring attention to sustainability, and this collaboration is no different. Grosse’s lush colors swirl across the boards—made out of sustainably sourced wood—evoking the feeling of swimming through underwater sandstorms. While we don’t expect these works of art to get much use on the swells, it makes sense that Parley would create a collaboration that is so connected to the water, and will serve as a striking symbol of the unending fight to save our oceans. 

For purchases requests of the artworks by Katharina Grosse please get in touch with Parley at sara@parley.tv

[Photo: Jens Ziehe]

[Photo: Jens Ziehe]

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