4.25.19 / London / England

LN-CC Debuts Upcycled Fashion Furniture with RxCYCLE

From high fashion to furniture

As education on environmentalism is rapidly growing, the conversation has expanded from ‘sustainability’ to ‘waste.’ One of the biggest contributors to the environmental crisis is waste, particularly clothing waste, which increase the demand for more clothing while something recyclable ends up in a landfill for decades. London boutique LN-CC wanted to bring attention to that in their own unique way, so they brought in clothing customizer DRx and furniture specialist Doron Silverman for a special project called RxCYCLE showcasing upcycling (creative reuse of products). Using old pieces from LN-CC’s luxury collections, DRx has created entirely new and unique products starting with furniture. Couches and chairs have been crafted out of recent season Raf Simons, Martine Rose, Martin Margiela, and more resulting in distinctive one-off items. The pieces are on display at the boutique starting on April 26th, and they’re also available to purchase in store and online—if you can scrape together roughly $20k. Still, LN-CC has always shown a commitment to sustainable brands, even dedicating a portion of their webstore to ‘conscious’ fashion, and this is only the first installment of the project. RxCYCLE signifies that continued commitment, and reflects a growing necessity for designers, artists, and retailers to support progressive initiatives within the industry.

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