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Lucy McIntyre

Lucy McIntyre

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  • What Do you do?

    Marketing and communications for Andre Balazs Properties.

  • Do you have a favorite hotel in the world?

    A good friend's place on a remote hilltop in Tuscany called La Bandita. It's an old farmhouse they converted into a small hotel with a pool that has absolutely stunning views.

  • Why the hotel business?

    It has a little bit of everything. You have to learn multiple businesses within one business. And the personal aspect of it...creating experiences for people versus just selling a product, is very satisfying.

  • Biggest change you've seen in the industry?

    I would say the socialization and cultural life of hotels. Slowly but surely all hotels are being approached from a complete lifestyle point of view, rather than just heads in beds.

  • Dream job?

    Working with Obama.

  • Favorite mini bar item or hotel amenity?

    Outdoor bathtubs and fluffy robes.

  • You've been involved in some of the coolest things in the business in the past decade. What excites you most?

    Constantly re-assessing what The Standard can be and figuring out where to take the brand next is exciting.

  • What advice would you have for anyone wanting to get into the business of Hotel PR/Events/Marketing/Partnerships?

    Choose the brand wisely so you have a good canvas to work with, and make sure you have stamina- it's a 24 hour job!

  • Anything else you'd like to add?

    Read standardculture.com!