10.27.17 / New York / New York

Polish Artist Mateusz Piestrak Debuts New Paintings At His First Solo Show in NYC


At a new pop-up in Nolita, Mitch & Co showcase Mateusz Piestrak’s abstract paintings in a show titled ‘Two More Heads Would Appear In It’s Place.’ The young Polish artist creates works that are layered to the point where the original intention is obfuscated, and the viewer contemplates new meaning themselves. By taking inspiration from classic forms in painting, sculpture, and photography, Piestrak creates something that is faintly recognizable but ultimately original, leaving the viewer in between perception of these images. It’s an exploration of how art grows and evolves, and what kind of meaning viewers derive from that experience, through the eyes of an on-the-rise Polish talent.

‘Two More Heads Would Appear In It’s Place’ is on view at Mitch & Co., 171 Elizabeth Street, through Monday October 30th.



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