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Maurizio Bussolari

VP Sales & Marketing BELLINO

Maurizio Bussolari

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  • Tell us a little about yourself…who are you and what do you do?

    49 yo…born and raised in Italy, living in NYC. Husband of Cinzia, Dad of Bianca. Since 1989 I've been travelling around the world, working in the home decor/gift/design industries, protecting my family business, meeting clients, learning, discovering, selling, exploring new markets, developing products/brands, scouting talents, attending trade shows, enjoying relationships with professionals and people of all ages and extractions....and I've loved all of it.

  • You’ve found quite a niche market in the hotel world - how did you get here?

    My family and I decided to close our company in Italy and my great friend Gianni offered me a new opportunity: move to the US, develop the sales and hospitality market for his textile company and create a new business together...so here I am. I started from scratch with no knowledge and contacts and, little by little, the massive sowing and networking have started to show results

  • Tell us…what’s the secret to creating a seriously comfortable bed?

    A combination of secrets…super soft ironed sheets, a great mattress, high quality pillows and duvet.

  • Are there any unique projects you’ve worked on that standout compared to others?

    I love what we are manufacturing for the amazing Bowery Hotel. The shams and duvet covers have a wide red flange and the hotel name embroidered…and the famous teddy bear sits on it.

  • Who, what, where are you loving right now?

    I'm very excited about the big developments at Sydell Group. They are quickly expanding and opening exciting properties under their brands Nomad, The Line and Freehand.

  • Hotel with a bed worth coming back for?

    Casa Violeta in Tulum.

  • What’s the next big thing in the travel industry?

    Small highly designed sophisticated hotels with gourmet restaurants in undiscovered markets outside metropolitan areas.

  • Where do you see yourself in ten years?

    In many great hotels around the world, travelling…and (i hope) in good health.

  • Where will you be on your next day off?

    With my eight year old princess.