Miguel Casas

Managing Director of Hotel El Ganzo

Miguel Casas

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Coming from a Mexican heritage where hospitality was ingrained in him from a very young age, Miguel Casas the managing director of Hotel El Ganzo, Mexico’s first B Corp-certified hospitality and cultural hotspot. He sees his role at the sought-after hotel as an opportunity to serve the community and improve the larger ecosystem. As a result, he is constantly working to include positive community impact in El Ganzo’s cultural programming. 

“My DNA is focused on serving and creating guest experiences by developing high-performance teams and revenue growth,” says Miguel Casas.

AHL caught up with Miguel to talk about all things hospitality, the hotel’s epic New Years’ celebration, ten years of El Ganzo, and his vision for the future. Read on… 

Hotel El Ganzo just turned ten. How did the property celebrate this milestone? 

El Ganzo was built under the premise of creating a space that could become an epicenter for culture, a hotel where independent art and music thrive and speak for themselves. We celebrated these ten years with our biggest concert ever — Ganzo X. We had Khruangbin headlining with music guests like Quantic and Pachyman on the main stage. We really wanted the local community to be part of this celebration, so we featured local food along with an open-air art market with local brands and art installations. We also welcomed three Artists in Residence who created art and experiences all weekend.

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What makes Hotel El Ganzo unique?

Our residency program and the closeness with the community. We purchase most of our goods from the local and vulnerable families in the La Playa Community. In addition, our staff and our employees are key to our success. We really value the mix of all this energy that makes us more than a hotel. 

What does it entail to be a B Corp-certified hotel in Mexico?

It’s a great responsibility to be the first B Corp Hotel in México because it represents our main purpose, which is to achieve universal well-being. We are aligned with our commitment to reducing social inequality by building a more healthy ecosystem, a stronger community, and the next generation of high-quality jobs with dignity. By using the power of business, we utilize part of our earnings for a positive impact on our employees, the community, and the environment. 

Hotel El Ganzo in Los Cabos, Mexico
Hotel El Ganzo in Los Cabos, Mexico

Tell us more about El Ganzo’s social and environmental responsibility efforts. 

Our main goal at El Ganzo is to create well-being for our community and staff. To meet this objective, we focus on programs that promote the inclusion, education, and economic development of the community. These elements definitely impact people’s quality of life and drive the ecosystem’s growth positively. For example, during the pandemic, we campaigned to support more than 600 families in the La Playa community whose income depends on tourism. Furthermore, companies are also part of society; regardless of size, they influence people’s lives and improve their living conditions. 

In a nutshell, what do you do, and how did you get here?

I’ve worked with companies that need a shift in their financial and operational strategy and helped them improve their performance. I’m the Managing Director of Hotel El Ganzo, and my DNA is focused on serving and creating experiences for guests by developing high-performance teams and revenue growth.

Why do you love your job? 

I love and enjoy what I do, especially when it comes to changing someone’s day or life.

One of the 69 guestrooms at Hotel El Ganzo
One of the 69 guestrooms at Hotel El Ganzo
The rooftop pool
The rooftop pool

Where did you get your sense of hospitality?

My Mexican culture is very welcoming and always cordial with friends, family, or new acquaintances. This has been planted in me since I was a kid by my grandmother, who would always bring the family together, host, and create great moments for us that left an impression on me. 

If you could choose a hotel to stay in that isn’t the one you work for, anywhere in the world, which one would it be?

I haven’t stayed at NoMad London. That’s my next holiday. 

The wackiest / craziest / most unexpected thing that ever happened to you at work?

I once had to create a complete afterparty event for Guns N’ Roses at Brick Hotel in México City. It was a quick notice and had very few days to plan, but according to Ron Bumblefoot, that was the most epic afterparty of the band. 

What advice would you give to someone starting their career today?

Travel a lot and work and diversify your experiences to expand your mind and understand the mindsets of different guests.

Miguel is committed to community-oriented programming
Miguel is committed to community-oriented programming

What excites you the most these days?

The mix of the hotel business with event production and more cultural-driven experiences like what we are doing with Ganzo X. 

If you would like to change anything in your industry, what would it be?

After the pandemic, travelers changed how to decide on a hotel based on the experience and less on the brand. I would change the traditional way of most companies that focus their efforts on bringing more clients by offering the same old experiences versus unique and tailored-made happenings to their guests. Also, most companies in this industry are not focused on changing their impact on global warming and sustainability. It is essential to do so for a better future. 

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