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Monkey 47 Pops Up in NYC with an Immersive Botanical Experience

An entryway into the world of one of our favorite spirits

One of our favorite premium brands in the world of spirits is Monkey 47. Like a fine scotch, the gin makers manage to create a unique flavor profile by using 47 botanicals, resulting in a rich and complex taste in every sip. For their first pop-up space in New York, titled The Wild Monkey, Monkey 47 wanted to create an immersive experience where guests could discover just what makes the gin so distinctive. The space, which is open to the public from 11am to 5pm through Sunday, emphasizes the floral profile of Monkey 47. In addition to greenery spread throughout the space, there’s bric-a-brac everywhere calling back to the ingredients, and a station where guests can smell the plants and spices that make up the spirit. Monkey 47 even teamed up with Billy Kirk to offer custom leather accessories, as well as Sigmund’s Pretzels, Coffee n’ Clothes, and Fever-Tree who all bring their offerings to the space. Of course the pop up wouldn’t be as exciting without the gin itself; here you can try it neat or in a selection of refreshing, in-season cocktails, from a refined take on a martini to the Rhubarb Fitzgerald with a decorated Wild Monkey garnish. Many of the neighboring hotels and bars serve Monkey 47, and ever since it was introduced to the U.S, it’s become well regarded for its robust flavor and apothecary-friendly bottle design. For those who have yet to try it, however, The Wild Monkey pop-up can’t be missed. As fans of Monkey 47 we don’t need much convincing (one of the few gins which might even be better neat than in a cocktail), but the offerings at The Wild Monkey are a fun and fascinating look at one of the most distinguished spirits in the world.

The Wild Monkey is open April 26th-28th from 11am to 5pm at 43-45 Grand Street

[Photos: Ryan Muir Photography] 

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