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Celebrate Negroni Week with Three Variations of the Classic Cocktail

Cocktails for a cause

  • Last week we introduced you to the most portable version of the Negroni, but this week we’re encouraging our readers to dive deeper and get behind the bar themselves. That’s because it’s officially the start of Negroni Week 2018, a national event by Campari and Imbibe magazine which uses the classic Italian apertivo to raise awareness and funds for charities. One of this years new participants is Armani Ristorante (717 5th Avenue). The midtown eatery has received excellent reviews for their delicate and reimagined Italian dishes, so it’s no surprise that they dedicated the same type of commitment to enhancing the cocktail. To celebrate the week the restaurant has provided recipes for three variations of the Negroni, whether you want a tropical version for warmer days, a fusion that brings in Japanese flavors, and a decadent option that serves equally well as an after-dinner treat. Check out the recipes below (or try them at the restaurant itself this week), and for a full list of participants and charities check out the official Negroni Week site.


  • [Photo: Noah Fecks]

  • The Gigolo

    1.5 oz Campari
    1.5 oz Sweet Vermouth
    2/3 oz Cynar
    1/3 oz Frangelico
    3 drops Chocolate bitters

    Method: Throwing
    Glassware: Old Fashioned
    Garnish: Chocolate Branded Leaf

  • [Photo: Noah Fecks]

  • A Japanese Count

    1.7 oz Japanese Shochu
    1 oz Takara Plum
    1 oz Sweet Vermouth
    1/3 oz Aperol
    1/3 oz Campari
    2 dashes Grapefruit Bitters

    Method: Throwing or Stir & Strain (Mixing glass)
    Glassware: Old Fashioned + Ice Cube
    Garnish: Ruby Grape fruit zest and oils

  • [Photo: Noah Fecks]

  • Tropicalism

    1 oz Sweet Vermouth
    1 oz Campari
    1.3 oz Coconut Oil-Infused Fat-Washed Venezuelan White Rum

    Method: Stir and strain in a Mixing Glass
    Glassware: Old fashioned or High ball
    Garnish: coconut powder crusta+ ice cube or Ice cylinder