3.13.18 / Beijing / China

The Opposite House Launches a Discussion on Bio-Sustainability with ‘Skywalker’

The kind of hotel art we can get on board with

At China’s Opposite House hotel, a month-long celebration and support of bio-sustainability kicked off in an attention-grabbing way. Sitting atop the 99-guest studios hotel is ‘Skywalker,’ a massive, inflatable silver monkey created by artist Lisa Roet. The art installation reflects Roet’s research on newly-discovered animal species, primarily in the Yunnan Province, that have been affected by the increasingly problematic environmental factors of deforestation and climate change. Though its placement on the building facade might seem playful and cute at first, it’s also meant to invite people into the building and engage in a month-long series of events, discussions, and installations surrounding bio-sustainability. It’s something that has been part of the hotel ethos from the start — the hotel is one of the first environmentally conscious buildings in Beijing, a city that has been rife with environmental issues. But with people like Roet and places like The Opposite House, there is clearly a strong interest in the city to face these issues head on, in decidedly visible ways.

‘Skywalker’ is on view at The Opposite House from March 18th through April 19th, and the month-long series of events at the hotel kicks off with Beijing Earth Hour on March 24th

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