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Organizations You Can Support During the Pandemic

We’re all asking one question: How can I help?

Recently Instagram offered a new option for their ‘Ask Me a Question’ feature, making the default ‘How Can I Help?’ It’s a question many of us are asking right now, though we’re not always sure what the answer is when we’re so overwhelmed with new information daily. We’re all settling into new routines in order to help prevent the spread of corona, but many of the most vulnerable communities are still at risk, and even basic necessities have become harder to come by as a result of precautions. It’s more important than ever to help these people, and while we all feel like this is an insurmountable task, many organizations have the necessary structure and are working tirelessly to ensure the health, safety, and comfort of countless individuals. We’ve selected a few of those organizations, who need all of our help and support in whatever way possible, whether that’s donating money for those who are able, or volunteering for those who are willing.

God’s Love We Deliver – GLWD delivers meals to those who are too sick or otherwise unable to shop/cook for themselves, particularly necessary during this time.

Invisible Hands – Targeting people in similarl circumstances to GLWD, Invisible Hands is comprised of volunteers who will deliver groceries and essential goods for free to those at highest risk for COVID-19.

Safe Horizon – Safe Horizon helps survivors of abuse, an issue that especially comes to light as people who are vulnerable may be isolated in abusive circumstances.

Food Bank NYC – One of the New York’s largest relief organizations, Food Bank NYC requires donations, but also volunteers and advocates supporting their mission to feed the hungry.

Frontline Responders Fund – Supply shortages are one of the most sobering realities the pandemic has brought out, but the Frontline Responders Fund aims to get masks, gloves, and gowns to the medical workers who need it the most.

First Responders Children’s Foundation – First responders are not immune to the extra financial strain caused by the virus (and often more vulnerable), and this foundation provides grants for them to support their families.

Frontline Foods – Frontline Foods help frontline medical staffs get meals, bringing much needed business to local restaurants with 100% of donations going to the restaurants.

The Foundation for New York’s Strongest – As sanitation workers are essential during the pandemic, the Foundation for New York’s Strongest is helping provide supplies as well as support the families of DSNY workers.

The Trevor Project – The Trevor Project supports the mental health of LGBTQ youth through counseling, another issue further exacerbated by isolation.

Charity Navigator – If you still haven’t found a case that resonates with you, you can use Charity Navigator to seek our charities that are specifically targeting COVID-19 responses.

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