Where to Go in 2016

Because we want you to have the best travel year yet and because it’s a big world out there, we have compiled our top destinations for 2016 to help you #travellikeyoumeanit

From Nashville’s booming culinary scene to the unique landscapes of the Atacama Desert in Chile, our editors have their eyes and ears on destinations that will make 2016 purely epic. Get ready to have your mind blown.

Change is afoot in Iran as we speak. Now opening up to visitors, this undoubtedly will be a slow start in 2016 but will definitely grow in popularity as it becomes more accessible. An array of incredible historical sites awaits.

British Coastal Towns
As they continue to be populated by artists and creatives from Margaret to Ramsgate and Folkestone, British Coastal towns are underrated but breathtaking. Hastings on the south Sussex coast of England is the next costal town to see the love.

Tourism to the country is already on a rise as the political situation seems to be improving by the day. Myanmar is becoming the new Thailand, as it’s a hop away from Phuket. Enjoy the friendly vibe, unbelievable beaches, and ‘untouched’ vibe while it lasts.

A recent influx of creatives coupled with sudden culinary growth has turned Nashville into America’s coolest laidback city. Not to mention the legendary music scene, and new Urban Cowboy B&B.

Not only because of the Olympics, but because it’s safer than ever, always sunny, super accessible and the growing festival scene attracts some of the best musicians in the world on and off season. We highly recommend Bahia, Floripa, and Rio.

Due to its relative accessibility (a four-hour flight from NYC) quirky culture, and tasty food, Iceland has become a hot spot. Get there while it’s still possible to drive out into the middle of nowhere and feel at one with nature. Experience the epic man made ice caves in the Langjökull glacier and see the Northern Lights from the geothermal baths at Hotel Husafell.

Santiago is supposed to be one of the best urban and modern Latin American cities. Valparaiso, another major city in Chile, is an amazing art and culinary destination located on the coast. Swoon over some really special and unusual architecture and check out this hotel. Chile also has amazing wine country, skiing, and totally unique natural landscapes due to the climate and altitude. The Atacama Desert is a must see.

By far one of the best places we have ever traveled to, Sicily is affordable, real, gritty, beautiful, and the food is amazing. Check out Palermo, Taormina, Siracusa and if time allows, Modica is drop dead gorgeous.

Mongolia’s nomadic lifestyle and traditions are fascinating. The culturally-rich city of Ulaanbaatar is amazing blend of modern and lively, that’s without mentioning the country’s vast fenceless landscapes. This will be an inspiring trip to say the least.

Increasing as a luxury destination but also a must for free spirited adventurers, this is a place to go and zen out.

Sri Lanka
We’re eyeing Amangalla, located in the heart of Sri lanka’s 400 year old UNESCO heritage site…pick up a little historical education along the way.

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