6.07.17 / New York / New York

Inside The PUBLIC Hotel Opening Party

Kicking off a new age of boutique hotels

Ian Schrager is back, and just like that the entirety of New York descended upon his newest offering, the PUBLIC. At least that’s what it felt like last night at the hotel opening, where it was difficult to take a few steps without encountering an accomplished member of the creative class. That was partially because the PUBLIC caters to that very group, with a central downtown location and housing at least 6 bars (which were put through their paces), a food market, a Jean-Georges restaurant, and a performance space which Patti Smith took over last night. And it was also partially because such is the influence of Schrager—the father of the boutique hotel concept as we know it—who stands as a major influence to the generations of creatives that came out to celebrate his newest crowning achievement.

Tansy Kaschak, Ben Pundole
[Tansy Kaschak, Ben Pundole]

Ian Schrager, Susanne Bartsch
[Ian Schrager, Susanne Bartsch]

Camilla Belle, Mia Moretti
[Camilla Belle, Mia Moretti]


Patti Smith
[Patti Smith]

DJ Henri
[DJ Henri]

Hannah Bronfman, Brendan Fallis
[Hannah Bronfman, Brendan Fallis]


Alice Gao, Princess Olympia of Greece
[Alice Gao, Princess Olympia of Greece]

Chloe Caillet, Ben Pundole, Steven Rojas, Brandee Brown
[Chloe Caillet, Ben Pundole, Steven Rojas, Brandee Brown, Tansy Kaschak]

Ian Schrager, Tania Wahlstedt
[Ian Schrager, Tania Wahlstedt]

Carlos Quirarte, Matt Kliegman
[Carlos Quirarte, Matt Kliegman]

YesJulz, Maxwell Osborne
[YesJulz, Maxwell Osborne]

Chelsea Leyland
[Chelsea Leyland]

Chloe Wise, Lily Aldridge
[Chloe Wise, Gracie Hartzel, Rebekah Campbell, Ruby Aldridge]

[Photos: David X Prutting and Neil Rasmus / BFA.com]