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What The Perfect Road Trip In Italy Looks Like

Courtney Scott documents a stunning road trip through Sicily

Modica view from Casa Talia

Courtney Scott is a filmmaker, travel blogger, and tv host. Check out more of her work here, and follow her on Instagram at @court_scott

Fly to Catania, hop in car, set your GPS to avoid the Autostrada and head West. What you’ll discover are some of Sicliy’s most beautiful roadways. They wind through olive groves, hug the coast of seaside towns and curve around ancient ruins. You’ll never be so happy to get lost.

The beauty of a Sicilian road trip is in the details. Look up and you’ll feel the force of ancient Agrigento and Noto towering over you. Look in the rear view, and a shepard may be overtaking your car with his heard of sheep, while offering a polite “buongionrno” as he does. Look ahead and its Mediterranean blue as far as the eye can see. Look down and it will be a fresh-caught octopus looking back up at you. I could wax on about the simple joy that Sicily brings, but in this case the photos do a much better job of telling the story. Here are five stops you should not miss on your next road trip through Sicily.

Marzememi – Breath in the salt air in this gorgeous seaside town as you dine al fresco at one of the blue or white painted tables that line the sea wall. Expect local kids to be playing soccer in the piazza and the fruit vendor to come by with his fresh bounty from the nearby farm. Of course he’ll offer for you to try something. The fragole are sweet as sugar.

Marzamemi 3


Siracusa – A sinful Nutella-filled croissant washed down with an espresso at a crowded cafe on Corso Matteotti Giacomo will give you all the energy you need to explore Siracuca’s Isola di Ortigia. Piazza Archimede is a lovely place to sit and watch scenes of Sicilian street life unfold. Just steps from the bustling piazzas you’ll discover two of Sicily’s most famous ruins, the Museo Archeologico and Teatro Greco.

Fiat in Siracusa

Street life in Siracusa

Modica – Book a suite at the incredible Casa Talia and prepare to take in the architectural marvel that is Modica. Modica also happens to be the chocolate capital of Sicily so don’t leave before picking up some treats to bring home. Be careful where you drive your car in Modica’s narrow streets. I managed to get my car wedged in between two walls, breaking my driver’s side mirror and leaving it up to a local named Enzo to get behind the wheel and navigate me out.

Casa Talia Room

Punta Bianca – The dirt road that leads to Punta Bianca is riddled with holes and flanked by fields of wildflowers. Proceed with caution and prepare for a beautiful treasure waiting at the end; white cliffs, tiny coves and an abandoned villa that looks out over the Mediterranean. I was the only person on this hidden beach.

Punta Bianca Road to Punta Bianca

Scala dei Turchi – A popular spot to soak up some sun in the summertime, the Stair of the Turks is blindingly beautiful. The steeped cliffs are created from marl, a bright white sedimentary rock. Pack a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine and stay for sunset.

Scala dei Turchi 1

Words and photos by Courtney Scott

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