6.11/19 / New York / New York

Ruvan Takes Us Inside the Spectacle That Is Paradise Club

The decadence of decades past

The opening of Paradise Club marked a major new chapter of Ian Schrager’s storied career. It’s his return to midtown Manhattan, but it’s an entirely different world from the halcyon days of Studio 54, and with it comes a generation seeking a new kind of experience. Photographer and AHL friend Ruvan Wijesooriya went out to the club to in search of the openness, vibrancy, and electricity that was promised, and he didn’t leave disappointed. “Shooting at Paradise Club reminded me of why I moved to NYC – a feeling of freedom within a melting pot of party vibes… the unbeatable feeling of being embraced by old friends while making new ones.” Through a series of stunning photos he captures the soul of Paradise Club, channeling the eras of nightlife’s past to create something new and wonderful. “The opening with Chic and Diana Ross made me feel like I was living in the age of disco while performances later in the week with House of Yes felt like being transported into the future. I felt like I was documenting a rare and passionate moment of love between Old New York and New New York. It was beautiful!”

All images by Ruvan Wijesooriya

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