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Secret Solstice and the $1 Million Festival Ticket

Small price to pay for the real festival experience

We’ve all been there. Checking in at a festival, seeing a bunch of different color wristbands, wondering where we stand. The GAs scowl at the VIPs. The VIPs look to their right and there’s a better view of the stage for the Super VIPs. Those people look further and envy the open bar for the Ultra VIPs. And those people are wondering how to get an Artist pass. Now Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival is taking that concept to its logical extreme: the million dollar ticket. Literally. One single $1 million ticket for those who are just sick and tired of the dreary festival pass experience.

Let’s start over. What even is the Solstice Festival? Due to the Reykjavik’s position relative to the Arctic Circle, it receives long daylight hours in the summer, including 96 hours of continuous daylight every June (after some basic research the sun appears to set for 3 hours each night, but we won’t spoil the fun). The Secret Solstice festival takes advantage of that, offering a a 4-day celebration with some major musical talent. This year that includes Slayer, Gucci Mane, Stormzy, George Clinton & Parliament Fukadelic, and A-Trak. There’s also lava tunnels, “glacier raves,” boat parties, waterfalls, the Blue Lagoon, and other scenic delights.

So getting back to the point: what do you need a $1 million ticket for? A roundtrip private chartered jet for 6 people. A party and private concert with one of the headliners. A Villa party with a private chef. Private helicopter tours (in fact, ‘private’ is sort of a given from this point forward). A each party with some of the lineup acts. Luxury hotel accommodations, spa treatments, horseback riding, snowmobiles, candle-lit dinners in a cave, and just about anything else you can think of.

So, is this for you? Will you finally triumph over the festival hierarchy, and experience Reykjavik at its most pristine? If you still need convincing, here’s the full list of amenities:

-Fly round trip to Iceland in a private chartered business jet (Gulfstream G300 or similar) for six people from any destination on Earth
-Luxury accommodation for the Secret Solstice 2018 festival week
-Welcome Villa party with unlimited champagne and Icelandic delicacies prepared by a private chef
-Party with an international music artist at an exclusive private concert party for you and your select invited guests
-An exclusive mini ​66North ​hotel pop-up so you can have the VIP personal shopping experience from the comfort of your room with an outfit from 66Nort​h​
-Private ​glam squad to provide personal hair, makeup and grooming everyday
-Premium luggage set so you travel ​to the festival ​in style
-Icelandic skincare treatments on-site at the festival everyday
-Access to spa treatments throughout the duration of your stay
-24/7 access to two deluxe cars, personal drivers, and private escort for the entire week in Iceland
-Daily relaxation massages for you and your guests
-Catered private World Cup viewing party with prominent Icelandic chef for any game of your choosing for you and your friends
-Private helicopter tour over the glaciers and volcanoes of South Iceland
-Special Secret Solstice summer picnic ​and a night at a luxury hotel ​in the lush ambience of the Icelandic countryside
-VIP midnight sun yacht party for you and your friends with ​a​rtists on the lineup
-Premium treatment, backstage access and priority fast-track access during the festival
-Boutique festival tent on-site fully stocked and serviced including wi-fi, electricity and a complimentary weather pack to enjoy the festival in complete comfort
-Lavish Icelandic gift hamper on arrival on-site at Secret Solstice 2018
-All food and drinks served at Secret Solstice, including hyper-premium drinks and bespoke exquisite cocktails
-All you can eat Icelandic hot dogs at Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, “a world-famous hot dog stand”
-Journey across the Langjökull glacier by snowmobile ​and sledding
-Capture your glacial experience with a well-known Icelandic photographer
-Explore the natural geothermal hot springs
-Private dinner + chef’s table at Iceland’s top exclusive restaurant​s​ specializing in Icelandic cuisine
-Private yacht safari among floating icebergs
-Private horseback riding session with purebred Icelandic Horses
-Sensory dining experience by candlelight inside a cave
-Access to ​all sold out​ Secret Solstice side event music experiences including Into The Glacier and The Lava Tunnel​
-Plus more speciality services to be released for our 1 million dollar guest

And for commoners, check out the full line-up below and buy GA and “VIP” tickets here: http://secretsolstice.is/book-now/ 

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