1.09.19 / Global

SEEKER Project Brings Biometric Technology to Hotels

As we enter the new year, we’re always looking at the ways technology is growing and changing industries, particularly in hospitality. The industry is known for being one slow to embrace tech — understandable given the priority of comfort and personal interaction — but there are still a few people out there testing the potential of technology in the hotel realm. Accor Hotels (which includes the Fairmont, Raffles, The Sebel, and more) is doing just that, and with their SEEKER project they’ve introduced a new way of connecting with hotels. Launched this past summer, SEEKER provides an interactive experience for guests, while measuring their biometric responses to gauge their personalities. This information is then matched up with traits of Accor Hotels, directing users to the destinations they’re most likely to enjoy. While a select few including Maye Musk and Coco Rocha were able to test SEEKER in person, the concept has been replicated online so anyone can experience it themselves.

This year we want to see hotels further respond to our current culture—whether that means supporting sustainable initiatives or embracing new technology—and hope to showcase more projects like SEEKER, that transform the conversation around what people want or expect from hotels.

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