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Soho House Debuts Its Interiors Line ‘Soho Home’ in the US

From House to home

The allure of Soho House over the last decade is undeniable. For members and guests alike the brand has represented a warm, homey respite from populous cities—much of it driven by design. Now the brand is offering a way to recreate that warmth with their purchasable collection Soho Home available in the US for the first time. “We always look to create that ‘home from home’ feel,” says Soho Home Creative Director Siobahn Farley ahead of the US collection release, which accomplishes just that.

“Soho Home was born out of members wanting to recreate the Soho House design aesthetic in their homes,” Farley recalls. “They fell in love with the look and feel, which proved popular because the pieces were not readily available to purchase elsewhere.” Much of the draw of Soho House has been from the crowd of creative types that populate it, but once you’re there you sink into the decor. When you’ve been there long enough, you begin to notice the details in the decor. As you experience different Houses, you begin to see how the harmony of the design allows it to melt into the background and provide the feeling of home you desire — something the team had always been aware of. “The Houses and collections really go hand in hand in that each one is underpinned with core products that are essential to the Houses – bedding, glassware and tableware for example – which are then layered with newness inspired by the Houses.”

Ranging from furniture to glassware to limited art prints, Soho Home captures a wide range of the Soho House look which is continuously evolving with each new property. “Every time a House opens it brings a layer of newness to our collections or a new collection all together.” Many pieces here will evoke the memory of Soho House experiences—the same Frette linens in which you enjoyed a deep slumber, the Burleigh china that housed a warm cup of afternoon tea—and you can even shop by house, finding that same footstool from Amsterdam or chandelier from Berlin. But the collection will always aim to bring the universal experience of the Soho House lifestyle to your home. “Your Picante de la Casa in our Barwell Cut Crystal Rocks Glass will taste and look the same on the rooftop of Soho House Barcelona as it will at Soho House New York. The design creates a feeling of familiarity.”

The Soho Home collection is out now

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