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SPRING / BREAK is the Art Fair You Need to See This Weekend

Eclectic and immersive works that are as entertaining as they are insightful

Among the most highly anticipated art fairs to return to New York every year is the roving SPRING / BREAK show, a fair that continues to remain completely idiosyncratic while still bursting with creative energy. For the second year in a row it lands in midtown, but this time it occupies a new building which happens to overlook Trump Tower. That makes sense given that the theme this year is Fact & Fiction; here a diverse range of artists use an equally diverse set of mediums to explore the uncertainty of truths that are manifested in a myriad of ways throughout the self, history, mythology, and, yes, politics. Many of the installations here are completely immersive and trippy, but still accessible and tap into the feelings of today.

The reason that we keep returning to SPRING / BREAK is it gets more and more relevant every year. Its commitment to the most ambitious artwork has led the fair into a natural progression that’s made the output more palpably exciting. Art fairs can be exhausting simply because of the quantity of art—which no sane person can reasonably digest in a week. Sure, if you have the stamina, Independent and Plan B are worthy stops (or the massive Armory show itself), and there are great pieces to be found through the city. But SPRING / BREAK is continuing to push into new territories, and frankly, it’s just a fun show even if you know nothing about art (especially if you know nothing about art). So if you can only manage to go to one show to visit this weekend, make it SPRING / BREAK.

SPRING / BREAK is at 866 UN Plaza. Buy tickets here.

[Photos via @springbreakartshow]

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